Gilat has just announced that they will be unveiling a new Electronically Steerable Antenna through a joint development project with Airbus as part of the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 program. This fully embedded airborne antenna technology by Gilat will be on full display during an inflight demonstration on a C295 aircraft in support of the Clean Sky 2 (CS2) objective which was intended to push for a more efficient and eco-friendly transport. Due to their phased array antenna (PAA) expertise, Gilat was selected to develop a Ka band ESA inflight connectivity (IFC) terminal with the embedded antenna ray in the wing structure of the airframe which includes the radiating elements and amplification.

Airbus who is partnering with Gilat for the development of the airborne terminal which includes designing, prototyping, manufacturing, and testing both on the ground and in-flight level. Gilat believes the phased array technology will allow for high integration and embedding of the antenna into airframe structures and has scheduled for in-flight validation tests plans to be carried out in Seville, Spain. Gilat is replacing the original panels with new composite structures which will add IFC capabilities without interfering with the aircraft performance and maneuverability by reducing fuel consumption and avoiding aerodynamic drag. This will also eliminate any protruding components and will contribute to the reduction of COC2 emissions which was one of the primary objective of the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 program.

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STS Aviation, the U.S. based maintenance provider has just announced their Repair and Modification Division has been launched and the service unit is operational effective immediately. Operating under STS Repair and Modification, the new division will use existing STS technicians and engineers as part of their new venture which is a strategic partnership between Cannon Aviation and Florida-headquartered STS.

STS Repair and Modification will deliver cost-effective avionics repair and modification solutions as well as offering structural aircraft repair and modification services to their customers. Vice President of operations for STS Repair and Modification, Sonny Cannon has revealed that the newly formed unit will be able to execute custom avionics repair and modification programs like Wi-Fi modification, flight data recorders and satellite communication systems along with providing interior and exterior structural modifications in these areas.

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The US Navy has shown a revived interest in upgrading the Super Hornet engine that is used to power Boeing F/A-18E/F, EA-18G along with two other foreign fighters. Earlier last month the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) reached out to GE Aviation asking for a proposal contract for the company’s engineers in order to perform studies on an “F414-GE-400 core enhancement evaluation”.

GE revealed in a statement to FlightGlobal that NAVAIR expressed interest in GE evaluating the latest engine technologies that could be applied to the F414 Enhanced Engine. This is a revival of the efforts put forth by GE and NAVAIR years ago as part of a proposal by Boeing’s Super Hornet bid for India’s fighter competition in which NAVAIR Ltd. paid GE to test the durability and thrust upgrades in laboratory rigs.

GE also evaluated the F414 Enhanced Engine under the expectation that funding for a development program would manifest in the next two years however the follow-on contract never did materialized. With “core enhancement” a central theme in the newest NAVAIR study, evidence suggests that the three modules in the core of the engine are the main focus of the Navy which includes the combustor, high-pressure turbine and high-pressure compressor. NAVAIR’s renewed interest in upgrading the Super Hornet comes on the heels of a remarkable turn-around for the Boeing production line and the program appears to be winding down after completing delivers to the USN.

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Newest flight technology has recently gone under stringent inspection to be approved by the EASA to be used in aircrafts all of the European region. Garmin International, Inc recently approved new international G5 electronic instrument that has been said to be used for future “fixed-wing general aviation” in European aircrafts . The EASA approval does not solitary come with just its own certification, but also includes another certification such as the supplemental type certification (STC).

In company of the certifications, the G5 electronic flight instrument has been placed on the comprehensive approved model list (AML) that also features a variety of different aircrafts. The AML is a list created by the FAA to advise material information to potential FAA customers, and other buyers. Professionals have said that the G5 can be used in lue of the “aircrafts primary attitude indicator or turn coordinator via a Garmin-held STC for the selected certified fixed-wing aircraft models.” A great distinction the G5 has to offer is its latest liquid crystal display(LCD) which is a change from the usual typical gyro-driven instruments. The G5 is sized to feature an 88mm LCD screen in every aircraft that will be equipped with it.

Per Vice President of Garmin International, Phil Straub

"We are grateful for EASA’s recent efforts and their dedication to implement simpler, scalable regulations that are economical and allow aircraft owners to more easily install modern flight instrumentation, which ultimately improves safety among many aircraft under 2,700kg throughout Europe."

Garmin is very pleased that they did obtain such rapid approval for their latest part to begin shipping and installing of the G5s. For the aircrafts that will be using an existing pitot/static system there will be an 76mm deep integration option available that will display “attitude, airspeed, altitude, vertical speed, slip/skid, turn rate, and configurable v-speed references.”

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On January 22 2017, there was an article written by Kate Sarsfield for Flight International talking about how Bliss Jett, a startup business jet operator, is planning to launch second quarter of 2017 instead of in January (as its original plan) in order to fix loose ends.

It was January 8th specifically when Bliss Jets was supposed to begin its service. Here is what David Rimmer, the Bliss Jet founder and chief executive said about the deadline he set.

“We set ourselves an overly ambitious deadline, which wasn’t necessary. Nearly everything is in place, including the aircraft and the service delivery. However, following market feedback we have decided to introduce some changes to the service, so we get it absolutely right before we begin.”

Bliss Jet is considered a first class and business class airline who are looking for an alternative upmarket for transatlantic flights. Bills Jets is also targeting customers who are looking for lower cost alternatives who are interested in business aircrafts as opposed to paying for whole aircraft charters.

In the upcoming few years, Bliss Jets plans to operate its own fleet.

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Arriving as usual in Japan on January 18th, as per the usual for the US Marine Corps F-35B fighters who make their inaugural trip to Air Station, Iwakuni. The Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 121 operated the Lockheed Martin stealth fighter on its first operational overseas deployment.

The squadron was stationed in MCAS Yuma, Arizona with the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing before arriving in Japan. After initially declaring operational capability back in July of 2015, the USMC then converted the Boeing F/A-18D squadron to F-35Bs with a total of 16 F-35Bs expected to arrive year in Iwakuni according to a Marine spokesman who spoke with FlightGlobal.

Designed to replace the Marine Corps’ AV-8B Harrier, F/A-18 Hornet and EA-6B Prowler, this short take-off vertical landing variant means change is coming. With this deployment the F-35B has officially become the first US stealth aircraft to be based west of Hawaii and Alaska in the Pacific theater permanently. Lockheed F-22s and Northrop Grumman B-2s however are still only on a temporary basis deployment by the US Air Force. The USMC unit will not be alone for long as new F-35As will also be deployed to foreign air forces in Australia, Japan, and South Korean in the next few years.

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Boeing 777 is very popular in the industry. It one of the popular long range wide body twin engine jet airliners. It is the largest twinjet in the world and it can seat up to 396 passengers. It has a big mileage and up to 8,555 nautical miles. It is made to replace other older versions like the 767 and 747. What is special about it is that it is the first commercial aircraft to be designed entirely with computer aided designs. Recently there has been an announcement that the production of 777 is going to be reduced starting August 2017. Even though Boeing 777- is one of the greatest. It has been mentioned that the production of it will be reduced twice in 2017.

The cuts are going to be done and instead of producing 7 per month 5 will be produced. This is shocking and reasons for this cut is unknown. Elizabeth Lund a Boeing vice president and general manager of the 777-program mentioned that "While the exact number of affected positions has not been determined, we will do our best to lessen the impact," they are aware that this cut is going to cause many problems for employees and many will lose their jobs but Lund added that they cannot control it. She mentioned despite tireless work by the sales team, orders have slowed. This is due in part to several ongoing twin-aisle campaigns that haven’t concluded in time to keep the rate steady. Therefore, we must adjust accordingly to ensure we are running a healthy business and the production line remains stable." These are things that they have no control over. Also, she expects sale to drop even lower especially after Trump becomes actually takes office and starts cancelling orders due to his bad international relationships especially with Iran. This will cause even more budget cuts.

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Safran Group is one of the leading international high technology group. It has 3 main groups within it, the first is airspace propulsion which groups many of the operations that concern helicopters, missiles, and aeroplanes. The second is aircraft equipment and this branch groups all the design production and sealed of the equipment’s that were used by civil and military helicopters. The third is the defense and security, this branch operated in the civil, military and space markets. It includes many areas such as internal guidance and navigation equipment.

Safran is a very well-known company and they have great reputation. Recently they announced that their Helicopter Engines have signed a 10 year contract with NAHEMA which stands for NATO Helicopter management agency. This contract is going to cover many aspects. It is coing to cover NH90 operated by Belgian army, and Navy and even the royal Netherlands Armed forces. This is a really good contract especially because it is going to cover at least 130 rotorcrafts in the coming years. This is good for them as it will bring in a lot of revenue and will make them even more credible as a company.

Another great deal for them is that this new contract and agreement is going to satisfy the NAHEMA and nations special requirements. This is especially needed during rescue and military operations for either at home or on deployment. The general manager Fortunato di Marizo mentioned-

"This GSP will allow the French, the Belgian and the Dutch NH90 operators to benefit from a very effective engine-support for their RTM322 engines, especially during their operational tasks. The contract is the result of a very good and fruitful partnership between NAHEMA and Safran Helicopter Engines”.
This was just to confirm the special benefits for them. Also Safran Helicopter Engines executive president said that
"This contract marks a major new milestone in our partnership with NAHEMA and French, Belgium and Dutch armed forces. We will deliver world-class services to guarantee their engine availability; thus demonstrating that the GSP model is particularly well-suited to supporting the engine fleets of modern air forces".
They are also very excited for this new contract.

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The United States air force is one of the strongest compared to other countries. They have the best quality parts and have all the support they need to get from the government. They have one of the largest military transport aircraft which was manufactured and developed by McDonnell Douglas by Boeing. Boeing C-17 has been developing. It went through many 3 phases.

The most recent phase is the third phase. This specific Boeing C-17 performs a lot of tactical and strategic airlift missions.  This military transport has a four engine, it can carry large equipment, supplies and troops directly to destination anywhere in the world under hard weather conditions. It has been known to deliver worldwide since 1990. This final phase of the C-17 is going through final testing. Because it is such a large phase and it is one of the biggest that offers many services, it uses a lot of fuel therefore there has been many tests to see If the amount of fuel used can be lowered.

“A 1 percent improvement in drag reduction will result in 7.1 million gallons of fuel reduction per year,” said Bogdan Wozniak, the 418th FLTS, project engineer. “One to 2 percent drag reduction could translate to $24-48 million dollars in fuel savings per year.” There has been a lot of work for the past year to in the air research laboratory to try to reduce the amount of fuel that is used. The testing is currently happening using 3-D printed parts by Lockheed Martin. Which uses a combination of laser positioning, this is mainly done to be able to locate and seal bond the parts to aircrafts. And this helps to develop easier and faster way of testing which helps with the process to be more efficient.

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Boeing Co. is the world’s largest aerospace company. It is the leading manufacturer of commercial and jetliners and security systems. It is known as being the top U.S exporter. They support over 150 countries with allied governments. They specialize in military aircraft, weapons, electronic and defense systems. They have been around for a long time and they have been known as one of the top for a long time. They always seek to find ways to be one of the best and one of the best along companies. They have over 160,000 employees that all seek to have the same goal which is to keep Boeing as one of the top for as long as they can. Boeing have been known for having the best jets and having the best quality airplanes and basically everything. To keep up with their great quality.

The jet experts at Boeing recently announced that they will be installing 71 airborne radar system. They are the original manufacturer of the F-15C/D and F-15 E combat jets, this jet was designed by Boeing Predessor Mcdonald Douglas corp. in 1960s the many specifics of it is that it is a twin engine, all weather tactical air superiority jet fighter.

Another one is the Raytheon APG-63 and AN/APG-82 radar systems. These use electronically scanned technology which is really convenient and are known for best quality. Because they are electronically scanned they can steer the radar system and signals beam without really moving the antenna mechanically.  Boeing strikes again with a quality solution that will benefit many people. this order will be worth more than half a billion dollars.

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Essve has just introduced the Programa Plus, a next generation frame screw that guarantees craftsmen and window installers easy, speedy installing with windows and door frames without the risk of splitting or splintering in joist or frame.

The frame screw was first introduced in the 1970’s by Essve and since then the company has held the industry edge within that particular segment and now Essve is hoping that the Programa Plus will help launch another 40 years of market share domination with the proprietary frame screw that promise even faster and simpler mounting of frames.

Mounting frames has always carried the risk that the frame or joist splits. Over-tightening the casing is always a big risk as well and applying too much force. With the Programa Plus mounting the frame becomes much easier and effective with less risk for splitting the wood. Developed at Essve’s R&D facilities in Kista, Stockholm, the Programa Plus has a fiber cut insert on the casing that makes the entry hole very clean and neat without splintering. More robust than traditional frame screws, the Programa Plus has a new design with a round casing that has grooves all around it. This minute detail effectively halves the risk of splitting the frame or over-tightening when inserting the casing which happens when the mounting gets crooked.

The Programa Plus guarantees that it will offer 61% more torque before over-tightening, 40% better exit force, and 42% stronger casing. Optimal for both refurbishment and new construct, the Programa Plus enables fast mounting with the added capability to re-adjust post-fitting. Available in 3 different lengths it works equally well with wall materials of all kind like stone, concrete, wood, Leca and lightweight concreate.

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The army always looks for ways to be the best and to have the best materials to be able to make them great. And to keep up the high status they have always had. They always look for ways to accomplish their missions safely. And will do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals. Therefore, they have been teaming up with the defense contract management agency which makes the Black Hawk Helicopter pilots truly have the safest aircraft needed to accomplish their mission around the world.

The army have been using Black Hawk delivery for a long time. They recently celebrated their 1000th Black Hawk delivery. Army Maj. Robert Massey, a deputy program integrator for the UH-60M Black Hawk said

DCMA Sikorsky has been delegated a series of contract administration functions to ensure a quality, cost effective product is delivered on time to the Army” he also mentioned “Production and delivery of the 1,000th helicopter demonstrates not only the volume of work that DCMA Sikorsky has managed to the Army’s benefit, but the delivery of these helicopters has increased the Army’s aviation capabilities with a more powerful, capable and survivable airframe.”

The DCMA is a motivated, highly professional team. Their main mission is to provide the army with the best products in the world,  they are known got always being time with their shipments. they offer great quality which is why the army have been using their services for so long. “The Black Hawk is the most versatile airframe in the Army’s inventory,” said Tobin. “The UH in UH-60 stands for utility helicopter as the helicopter can perform under several mission profiles. Among its many capabilities, the Black Hawk is capable of performing air assaults, troop transport, internal load missions, external load missions, firefighting and medical evacuations.”  The Black Hawk remains to this day a multipurpose tool and asset to specific mission accomplishments to the army. It is one of the many reasons why the army has been so good at protecting their people and making sure they are safe as well.

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Norway is one of the countries that always tries to be secure and make sure that their people are safe. Their goal is to always meet any future obstacles and any future security challenges. Due to this they are planning to order five Boeing Co P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol plans. The Nato Country’s defense ministry said they are doing this to mainly reach and to be able to meet any future security challenges. They are aware that anything can happen and they like to stay safe.

Norway’s main concerns is Russia, they are always focusing on them since they are a neighboring border. Russia has become a focus of the military. Especially after the annexation of Ukrain’s Crimea region. On the other hand, Sweden and Finland that are not in the NATO alliance also are expressing concerns about incursions by Russian submarines and other naval vessels. In fact, the Defense Minister Ink Erikson Soereide said.

“The new security situation increases our demand for situational awareness in our own vicinity. The ability to handle current and future challenges must therefore be strengthened,” also “The introduction of the Poseidon aircraft is crucial for Norway to maintain a leading position and expertise on strategic conditions in northern areas. This is mainly important because it is going to be an exceptional time for them to take care of their people and county.  They say that this will cost them at least0 10 billion Kroner which is equivalent to 1,1 billion. The deliveries are expected for 2021 and 2022. This is a long time from now but it is a plan that was introduced in 2013. This air patrol and support is in cooperation with Coast Guard to assist in search and rescue operation. They also plan to play a vital role in environmental monitoring. The Bioregion press released to continue an MPA (maritime patrol aircraft) and ISR (intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance) capability that can meet current and future challenges, the Government has submitted a proposal for acquiring five P-8A Poseidon for the Armed Forces. Beside the actual aircraft, the contract also includes modern sensors, surveillance systems, new anti-submarine weapons and support systems.”

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Safran Nacelles has accomplished some great things. One of the major milestones that has been accomplished is an exhaust system that was made for the Boeing 777X airplanes, that are awesome.

Great things about the Boeing planes they came out with are they are like so awesome. Some great awesomeness these planes have are low exhaust noise due to the awesome, amazing, and talented engine exhaust system created by Safran group.

Some amazing qualities that this plane has is a body made of titanium. Just like the song Titanium by Elle Golding that goes like this “baby you are titanium.” Many people are excited that this exhaust system is made from titanium. Safran came up with this at his production facility.

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As part of HARTING strategy they are planning to run the new US4 switch as part of their Industry portfolio. Like any other technological advances the new switch is going to save more space and create more room for wiring and distribute network better and above all create a better experience for the Industry 4.0 modernisation programmes. Especially that HARTING technology is a leader in the Industry 4.0 and allows their technology to be adaptable to modern industrial processes and automations. The product market specialist, Howard Forryan mentioned how one of the most important principles that Industry 4.0 follow is the Smart Factory principle and it allows the industry to focus on the most important aspects such as interoperability and flexibility, cell modularisation, miniaturisation and increased decentralisation. Above all is the value of physical space and how much those new and clever connector aids in creating more space by allowing several components and connections to all meet at one point and connect.

HARTING has added a very useful and functioning 4-port Ethernet active switch, this allows network devices to be closer to the field than before and allow the addition of Ethernet modules without the need to restore any. In conclusion, manufacturing facilities and OEMs became much easier in terms of networking, typical cabinet control system, distributing cables for interlinked production cells. The new Han-Modular Switch US4 makes it easier for these conditions to work, it also allows transmission speeds of 1000 Mbit/s. They even have integrated LEDs that will indicate when connection has been established or if data is being transferred. HARTINS has done it again in bringing an innovative product to keep the enhance Industry 4.0.

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