RC helicopters have been a fairly popular hobby for many for a long time. They allow many to simulate what it is like to fly a real helicopter and can provide much enjoyment. While the complexities of an RC helicopter may be much less than their real counterpart, there are similar components and controls. For the purpose of an RC helicopter, there are five main components which are the main and tail rotors, swashplates, cyclical control, and collective control.

Attached to the fuselage, the main rotor consists of two or more blades and is what enables the lifting power of the RC helicopter. This amount of lift is dependant on the inclination angle of the blades, as well as their velocity. Often, the RPM of the main rotor ranges anywhere from 1500-3000. By increasing the main rotor’s pitch, increased push and lift force can be achieved. The tail rotor is also important as it is what keeps the helicopter from spinning around in circles due to the force of the main rotor. By increasing or decreasing the thrust of the tail rotor, one can then steer the helicopter.

The swashplates are important as they are what translate the flight control input for the main rotor of the RC helicopter. A swashplate consists of two discs, one that is stationary and another that is moving. With cyclical controls, the swashplate can be tilted in any direction, as well as up and down through the use of collective controls.

Cyclical control allows for the helicopter to have 360 degree movement through the tilting of the oscillating plate and separately elevating the rotor pitch. The helicopter will begin to tip towards the direction of the side that has the lowest altitude. Collective control, on the other hand, changes the rotor blade pitch in unison to the same degree. The RC helicopter’s radio transmitter is able to control and translate the cyclic and collective movements.

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Garmin is a premier GPS technology firm headquartered out of Olathe, Kansas.  Garmin believes safety is paramount when operating Part 27 helicopters.  Garmin is constantly innovating and providing better solutions for helicopter pilots and users.  Garmin Aviation has years of experience specializing in display components and helicopter parts.  Technology is constantly evolving and being able to integrate new Garmin aviation parts into existing airframes is a core task of Garmin.  The new G3000H seamlessly allows the operator to have Helicopter Synthetic Vision Technology(HSVT), Hover Display, Connext, Telligence Voice Command, HTAWS, Helicopter route charts, Reduced Protection, Wire Aware, HSI mapping, Visual approach, Terran profile view, ADS-B IN/Out.

With the upgraded Garmin display components-the user has access to mapping, terrain profile view, and routes.  By providing this information in a seamless easy-to-use system, the operator can fly with confidence and enhance safety and assurance to all parties involved with helicopter operations.  Using new technology effectively and with minimal error, the Garmin G3000H is a simply designed with less complications, mitigating the risks of malfunction.  It is imperative that Garmin helicopter parts are reliable and user-friendly. 

Garmin aviation parts provides the best quality products when it comes to helicopter parts and display components.  The new Garmin G3000H also allows for NVG-compatibility, which makes better situational awareness and improve decision-making when flying in night conditions.  Ultimately, Garmin produces products for a wide range of users, whether it is a frequent flyer on a business trip or weekend recreational flights, customers can trust Garmin aviation parts to do the job. 

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2017s World Helicopters Day (WHD) has finally arrived and is starring in a newest location. Hosted this year in the American Helicopter Museum and Education Center (AHMEC) becoming the latest addition to the Helicopter Day traditions. The World Helicopter Day will be held on August 20th typically held on the 3rd Sunday of every August.   This year’s WHD will start at 12pm and will continue till 4pm afternoon. The price of the entrance for the American Helicopter Museum and Education Center is $10 US for adults and $8 US for children.  The WHD Officials believe that the Museum is the prime location to host the event as it goes hand in hand with the message that they wish to portray.

This World helicopter day was initially created to teach and help people understand the importance that helicopters partake in society on a daily basis. Not only the importance of helicopters but, the diversity of the engineers that the helicopter industry has designing and supporting them.
Helicopters have begun to make land/ sea law enforcement, rescue, medical transportation, tourist and many more entities more efficient in what they do. Many of these types of personalle and industry helicopters will be present and ready for presentation during the WHD.
The event being held at the American Helicopter Museum and Education Center will be one of the many that will be participating worldwide along as other places such as Australia, Canada Europe, Hong Kong, and South Africa. This event is the perfect place to become more informed in aviation, helicopter industry, and becoming some one that works with them.
For a better notion onto what this event could do for you visit their website www.worldhelicopterday.com or search for #worldhelicopterday on your favorite social media.

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One of the main factor that cause for helicopters to be loud and shake is due to the rotor piece. The rotor piece is the piece allows for the proper functioning propellers. Airbus Germany has been able to capitalize on their idea of enhanced rotors to be albe to reduce the noise of the rotor along with the turbulence feeling upon launching. The companies that are involved with the innovations are German Aerospace Centre (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR with the help of Airbus Helicopters Deutschland. Both companies have joined forces to build a simulation with a 5-winged prototype in a handmade wind tunnel. This tunnel was their tool to be able to measure the difference from regular rotors to their newly enhanced creation. The Tunnel technology is known as SKAT (Scalability and risk minimization of technology).

Their solution for their enhanced wing performance they have developed the “fixed wing.” This wing will allow for the entire aircraft to be able to take off vertically and stay in a stationary position. The Active rotor will enhance many aspects on enhancing its ability to increase the ,” source of the lifting force and propulsion on the helicopter, also creates a series of aeroelastic and aeroacoustic problems such as high levels of vibration and the generation of a great deal of noise. While vibrations generally have a negative impact on passenger comfort and the durability of components, the rotor noise plays a particularly key role in landing approaches over populated areas.

During simualtions in the tunnel the noise with the fixed wing reduced the noise by 3 decibels. The top speed the helicopter was able to hit was 270 kilometers ( 167.8 ).
This latest innovation is the beginning of great things to come for both companies and their journey to create silent aircrafts. 

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