On January 22 2017, there was an article written by Kate Sarsfield for Flight International talking about how Bliss Jett, a startup business jet operator, is planning to launch second quarter of 2017 instead of in January (as its original plan) in order to fix loose ends.

It was January 8th specifically when Bliss Jets was supposed to begin its service. Here is what David Rimmer, the Bliss Jet founder and chief executive said about the deadline he set.

“We set ourselves an overly ambitious deadline, which wasn’t necessary. Nearly everything is in place, including the aircraft and the service delivery. However, following market feedback we have decided to introduce some changes to the service, so we get it absolutely right before we begin.”

Bliss Jet is considered a first class and business class airline who are looking for an alternative upmarket for transatlantic flights. Bills Jets is also targeting customers who are looking for lower cost alternatives who are interested in business aircrafts as opposed to paying for whole aircraft charters.

In the upcoming few years, Bliss Jets plans to operate its own fleet.

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Arriving as usual in Japan on January 18th, as per the usual for the US Marine Corps F-35B fighters who make their inaugural trip to Air Station, Iwakuni. The Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 121 operated the Lockheed Martin stealth fighter on its first operational overseas deployment.

The squadron was stationed in MCAS Yuma, Arizona with the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing before arriving in Japan. After initially declaring operational capability back in July of 2015, the USMC then converted the Boeing F/A-18D squadron to F-35Bs with a total of 16 F-35Bs expected to arrive year in Iwakuni according to a Marine spokesman who spoke with FlightGlobal.

Designed to replace the Marine Corps’ AV-8B Harrier, F/A-18 Hornet and EA-6B Prowler, this short take-off vertical landing variant means change is coming. With this deployment the F-35B has officially become the first US stealth aircraft to be based west of Hawaii and Alaska in the Pacific theater permanently. Lockheed F-22s and Northrop Grumman B-2s however are still only on a temporary basis deployment by the US Air Force. The USMC unit will not be alone for long as new F-35As will also be deployed to foreign air forces in Australia, Japan, and South Korean in the next few years.

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Boeing 777 is very popular in the industry. It one of the popular long range wide body twin engine jet airliners. It is the largest twinjet in the world and it can seat up to 396 passengers. It has a big mileage and up to 8,555 nautical miles. It is made to replace other older versions like the 767 and 747. What is special about it is that it is the first commercial aircraft to be designed entirely with computer aided designs. Recently there has been an announcement that the production of 777 is going to be reduced starting August 2017. Even though Boeing 777- is one of the greatest. It has been mentioned that the production of it will be reduced twice in 2017.

The cuts are going to be done and instead of producing 7 per month 5 will be produced. This is shocking and reasons for this cut is unknown. Elizabeth Lund a Boeing vice president and general manager of the 777-program mentioned that "While the exact number of affected positions has not been determined, we will do our best to lessen the impact," they are aware that this cut is going to cause many problems for employees and many will lose their jobs but Lund added that they cannot control it. She mentioned despite tireless work by the sales team, orders have slowed. This is due in part to several ongoing twin-aisle campaigns that haven’t concluded in time to keep the rate steady. Therefore, we must adjust accordingly to ensure we are running a healthy business and the production line remains stable." These are things that they have no control over. Also, she expects sale to drop even lower especially after Trump becomes actually takes office and starts cancelling orders due to his bad international relationships especially with Iran. This will cause even more budget cuts.

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The army always looks for ways to be the best and to have the best materials to be able to make them great. And to keep up the high status they have always had. They always look for ways to accomplish their missions safely. And will do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals. Therefore, they have been teaming up with the defense contract management agency which makes the Black Hawk Helicopter pilots truly have the safest aircraft needed to accomplish their mission around the world.

The army have been using Black Hawk delivery for a long time. They recently celebrated their 1000th Black Hawk delivery. Army Maj. Robert Massey, a deputy program integrator for the UH-60M Black Hawk said

DCMA Sikorsky has been delegated a series of contract administration functions to ensure a quality, cost effective product is delivered on time to the Army” he also mentioned “Production and delivery of the 1,000th helicopter demonstrates not only the volume of work that DCMA Sikorsky has managed to the Army’s benefit, but the delivery of these helicopters has increased the Army’s aviation capabilities with a more powerful, capable and survivable airframe.”

The DCMA is a motivated, highly professional team. Their main mission is to provide the army with the best products in the world,  they are known got always being time with their shipments. they offer great quality which is why the army have been using their services for so long. “The Black Hawk is the most versatile airframe in the Army’s inventory,” said Tobin. “The UH in UH-60 stands for utility helicopter as the helicopter can perform under several mission profiles. Among its many capabilities, the Black Hawk is capable of performing air assaults, troop transport, internal load missions, external load missions, firefighting and medical evacuations.”  The Black Hawk remains to this day a multipurpose tool and asset to specific mission accomplishments to the army. It is one of the many reasons why the army has been so good at protecting their people and making sure they are safe as well.

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Safran Nacelles has accomplished some great things. One of the major milestones that has been accomplished is an exhaust system that was made for the Boeing 777X airplanes, that are awesome.

Great things about the Boeing planes they came out with are they are like so awesome. Some great awesomeness these planes have are low exhaust noise due to the awesome, amazing, and talented engine exhaust system created by Safran group.

Some amazing qualities that this plane has is a body made of titanium. Just like the song Titanium by Elle Golding that goes like this “baby you are titanium.” Many people are excited that this exhaust system is made from titanium. Safran came up with this at his production facility.

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