Boeing aircraft company has hit yet another milestone in its company history as well as the great Book of Guinness World Records.  With its great accomplishments that has created the brand name, Boeings Washington facility, commemorates it’s the completed 10,000TH 737 MAX 8 aircraft. The aircraft that marked such as significant place in time was dedicated for their renown customer Southwest Airlines. Over the years the 737 aircraft have become one of the most popular aircrafts to be distributed throughout the globe to different airlines for its maximum efficiency.

As it reaches their 10,000th aircrafts produced, it is being recorded by the Guinness World Records as the “most produced commercial jet aircraft model” in the commercial aircraft industry.Not only is the completion of the 10,000th aircraft a testament to their company as a great success but a reliable source for many airlines across the globe as well. Per a statement by Boeings CEO and Commercial Airplanes president, Kevin McAllister states that,

"It represents more than 50 years of success and achievement on the part of thousands of Boeing employees past and present, our supplier partners, and our airline customers around the globe who put their confidence in the 737."

 Due to the great success that Boeing has had with such aircraft it will increase its production to a total of 52 aircrafts per month appose to their previous 47 aircrafts. With a current back order, Boeing has a total of 4,600 aircrafts to be bought out and distributed. This is not Boeings first record breaking accomplishment as it hit the Guinness World Record in 2006 for the completion of 5000th 737 airplanes in a time span of 40 years. The airplanes great success following the 2006 achievement had allowed for the recent 10,000th aircraft to be completed in as little of 12 years.
ASAP is a top provider of aircraft repair capability Boeing 737 parts and has established a well-rounded relationship with the Boeing company. Being able to provide hard to find parts and parts that have been deemed obsolete by the company.  Our company vows to provide you with the exact part that matches your size and fit of your part needs. For an instant RFQ please call +1 412 212 0606 or email .

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Well known aerospace company, Bombardier Aerostructures and Engineering Services, recently revealed that Airbus has chosen them as a supplier for a fresh engine nacelle program A32neo aircraft family that is fueled by Pratt & Whitney. The Northern Ireland operation’s branch for Bombardier has been selected to create and manufacture a fresh thrust reverser to allow Airbus to provide a new and innovative nacelle. This will also allow for greater aftermarket support for the Pratt & Whitney PW1100G engine.

Bombardier is currently supporting Airbus as a supplier for many different programs. It’s Northern Ireland program has deep nacelle experience and knowledge, having already gained forty years of experience in the areas of design and manufacturing engine nacelles.

Vice President of Bombardier Aerostructures Customer Services and Programmes, Stephen Addis, expressed the excitement of being chosen as a supplier for the new nacelle. He believes this new selection will further Bombardier Aerostructures’ relationship with Airbus. Addis believes this new agreement will allow for Bombardier to dive deeper into their long-term strategy of growing the company’s abilities in the nacelles market and to maximize their focus on the delivery of creative and high valued products in a competitive, global market.

With operations located all over the world, Bombardier Aerostructures and Engineering Services specializes in the area of designing and manufacturing of intricate aircraft parts and components. The company also provides the option of repairing and overhauling aftermarket components, along with further engineering services.

Aerospace Unlimited is a newly developed site by ASAP Semiconductor. The company is a supplier for Bombardier Aerostructures parts. Bombardier is a world-renown manufacture and leader for planes and trains. Aerospace Unlimited is aware of Bombardier’s commitment to evolve mobility around the world by working towards the goal of developing highly efficient and enjoyable transportation worldwide. Aerospace Unlimited was created by ASAP Semiconductor based on empirical data and feedback from customers. The website commits to providing a variety of aerospace products, which includes Bombardier Aerostructure parts. 

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Vietnam airlines, alongside Pratt & Whitney announced their final selection on an engine for their collaboration on the A321neo Aircraft. Together, they selected a PurePower geared turbofan engine, they will be ordering 20. The closed deal will be valued at 1.5 billion dollars.  Turbofan engines have high thrust and good fuel efficiency, making them the perfect choice for the A321neo aircraft. Turbofan engines work by capturing incoming air using the engine inlet. These engines are mostly used for high speed transports, such as major aircrafts. Choosing this engine will allow Vietnam airlines to deliver superior environmental and economically performance. This overall could bring down the cost of gas the airline uses, in turn bringing down the cost of ticket prices.

Vietnam airlines was officially established in 1956, with a total of five aircrafts.  In 1993 the airline was recognized as Vietnams official flag carrier, and gained a total of twenty aviation enterprises. In 2002 Vietnam airlines introduced its brand-new logo, the Golden lotus, symbolizing them in the world of aviation as a world-class airline. Since then, the airline has made an obvious advancement in the world of aviation. The airline now is a major competitor in the Asian airline market, owning modern fleets that include Boeing and Airbus. As of today, Vietnam airlines operates in 21 different cities and 28 international destinations throughout Asia. In 2010 Vietnam Airlines was invited to join the Skyteam, one of the world’s largest airline alliances. The airline has come a very long way since its birth, something a company like Pratt and Whitney really admires. Pratt and Whitney have been with Vietnam Airlines since the early nineties and are ecstatic to see where the future takes them together.

Aerospace Unlimited has a dedicated and expansive array of aerospace parts, making us the premier supplier of aircraft parts. We serve customers as a one-stop shop and primary destination for product sourcing. We will ensure that your needs are addressed in the most expeditious and transparent manner, all the while offering cost-effective component solutions. If you are interested in a quote, please contact our friendly sales staff at or call 708-387-7800.

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Cirrus Aircraft has announced that they have chosen Lufthansa Aviation Training for Airline Pilot Training Program. The flight training program operated by Lufthansa Airlines selected the technologically-advanced SR20 for its primary training fleet.25 aircrafts has been ordered by Lufthansa Aviation Training to lead its ab-initio, MPL and other flight training programs in Goodyear, Arizona.The SR20 aircraft will be used to train pilots from many of the world’s premier airlines, including Lufthansa Airlines, Swiss Air, Austrian Airlines, Eurowings, All Nippon Airways (ANA), KLM as well as the German Air Force. The association with Lufthansa Aviation Training marks another milestone where Cirrus Aircraft has been chosen by a foremost global pilot training program to prepare students to fly tomorrow’s commercial airliners.Todd Simmons, President, Customer Experience at Cirrus Aircraft stated, “Cirrus Aircraft congratulates Lufthansa Aviation Training and is proud to be its partner in producing world-class airline pilots for years to come.

Those benefits are amplified in the airline pilot training environment as the Cirrus SR series solution offers competitive advantages of advanced navigation and safety systems similar to the systems these new pilots will use in the airlines’ larger aircraft.”
The fleet are designed to be the industry-leading training platform that’s also easy to fly. The technologically-advanced Cirrus SR series comes with an impressive list of features and capabilities. The unified Cirrus Perspective by Garmin flight deck includes two large flight displays, a Flight Management System (FMS) keypad controller, an Electronic Stability and Protection system, also an integrated engine indication and crew alerting/warning systems. All the features found on today’s advanced airliners.

With an essential fleet of 25 Cirrus aircraft there are many aviation parts that need to be ordered. The leading distributer for all aviation needs is Aerospace Unlimited. They can provide all aviation and computer parts to companies all around the globe. You can order from them online at www.aerospaceunlimited or call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can order in office, at the job site or even the comfort of your own home. With Aerospace Unlimited you get the right parts for the job with first class service.

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XTI Aircraft company has switched to the hybrid-electric drive for its planned TriFan 600 ducted-fan, vertical take-off, and landing business aircraft. When companies make these changes, it is important information for us at ASAP Semi to be knowledgeable of the industries involved.

XTI has collaborated with Denver, Colorado-based company Bye Aerospace to advance the new system. This new system will make things faster and the software will run smooth. The TriFan 600’s Honeywell HTS900 twin-turboshaft engines, gearboxes, and driveshaft will be replaced with a turbine-driven generator, batteries, and motor. These battery upgrades allow the engine to run at its full potential always because it gives the right amps and takes a long time for it to die. XTI chief executive Robert LaBelle says the new advanced drive will reduce the weight and cost of manufacture the aircraft. “Our first prototype will be a full-size TriFan 600, instead of the 65% sub-scale version [that was originally planned],” adds La Belle, who replaced former chief Jeff Pino. These upgrades allow the engine to be at the top of all competition.

The program is being funded by XTI founder and managing director David Brody, crowdfunding stakeholders and private equity investors. Many problems that companies face when doing new projects is the lack of money because many things in this industry go wrong and it’s not cheap to fix. Illustrated as “having the speed, range and comfort of a business jet with the ability to take-off and land vertically, like a helicopter”. The TriFan 600 is a six-seat, aircraft with fly-by-wire controls, and two ducted wing-fans. Its wing-fans are constructed to tilt to achieve forward flight, with a projected cruise speed of 330kt (650km/h) and range of more than 1,500nm (2,780km).

At ASAP Semi, we are great at knowing about new projects that are being started because that’s how we get a great amount of orders. We like to know exactly what is going on when a customer calls, so customers know they can trust us because we are knowledgeable of the parts and projects going on. At Aerospace Unlimited we also provide a wide range of parts by helicopter or aircraft model
Call us on 412-212-0606 or to get a quick quote.

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Harris has been awarded a grant from the University to join in the development of new unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Harris corp. aircraft products have a history in manned aircraft traffic management and those principals will now be applied to unmanned systems. This grant trails a similar research program where Harris and the University of North Dakota were developing UAS detect-and-avoid technology. It seems that the previous grant was a success since the team is continuing to work together and advancing to the next logical step.

According to Harris and the University of North Dakota, the unmanned aircraft systems could be very important resource saving technology in commercial industries such as power, railroad, and farms. Potential users are already taking interest and volunteering for test scenarios. Finding a downed powerline can be a very costly when there are miles of cable in unobserved areas. The idea of deploying a drone to find the downed power line seems like a great one, and it is, but there are huge hurdles when it comes to deploying an unmanned aircraft, especially when it is beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS).

The most basic drones are considered VLOS or visual line of sight. This means they never leave sight of the operator. They are limited to 300m vertically and 500m horizontally. Next comes extended visual line of sight (EVLOS) drones. These must be controlled by advanced flight crew and operations must be approved by CASA. These are only limited by remote observation and can theoretically be unrestricted in distance with enough observers. Lastly comes the BVLOS drones which is where Harris and the University of North Dakota are focusing. BVLOS drones require detect and avoid technology to sense other aircraft and immediately move away. These have the most utility capabilities but are the hardest to develop. The University and Harris are working hard to bring UAS detect-and-avoid technology to the commercial market.

Aerospace Unlimited has a dedicated and expansive array of aviation components—serving customers as a one-stop shop and primary destination for product sourcing. ASAP will ensure that your needs are addressed in the most expeditious and transparent manner, all the while offering cost-effective component solutions. If you are interested in a quote, please contact our friendly sales staff at or call 412-212-0606.

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MH-139 helicopter is in competition to replace the U.S. Air Force’s UH-1N “Huey” fleet, according to Boeing revealing statement. In this industry of aerospace, upgrades and replacements happen daily. This is beneficial for us at ASAP Semi because it allows to be ahead of the game and stock up on new releases.  The UH-1N helicopter is responsible for protecting intercontinental ballistic missiles and transports U.S. government and security forces. At the Air Force Association Air Warfare Symposium, Boeing’s responded to the Air Force, stating that the Northeast Philadelphia-built aircraft was built to meet the U.S. Air Force requirements. Boeing also mentioned within their response that the aircraft offers more than $1 billion in assets and a lifespan expense savings compared to the competitor aircraft. Boeings response is based on the market-leading Leonardo Helicopters AW139, a modern, non-developmental, multi-mission helicopter. Boeing is a leader in the industry with many airplanes and connections to parts. Here at ASAP Semi we have a great relationship with Boeing because we do lots of business together, which allows us to get discounted pricing and inside scoop on upcoming events.

The U.S. Air Force UH-1N Replacement Program plots to replace the current Huey fleet, which entered service in the 1970s. The replacement plot has up to 84 new helicopters. Approximately 900 AW139s are in service with more than 250 governments, militaries and companies across the world. More than 250 of the helicopters have been assembled and delivered from Philadelphia.

When replacements come out and a certain customer is changing what they fly or begin to produce many aircrafts for a project, we try to find this information out before the project. This information can help us predict what parts will be needed, so that we can stock up on them and give them the best pricing possible.  Also, another thing that is important to these customers is deadlines, so here at ASAP Semi we try to focus on always being on time. So if you are even going to begin a new project or make some upgrades, let ASAP Semi know so we can get you the best service out there.

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Airbus leading aircraft manufacturer has been conducting low-speed take-off tests with one of the Airbus A350-1000 evolutionary aircraft as it heads towards certification later this year. The first of three Airbus A350-1000 test aircraft (MSN59) has a tail bumper installed, enabling its rear fuselage to be dragged along the runway in trials to establish VMU minimum unstick speeds.

The tests took place in early March at Istres in southern France, to help verify slat and flap settings and performance criteria. They are working towards certification of the Airbus A350-1000 this year, to clear the way for deliveries of the stretched A350 cognate to begin in the second half of 2017, with Qatar Airways as the first beneficiary. The flight-test trials involve a trio of Rolls-Royce Trent XWB-97 powered A350-1000s.The third test aircraft (MSN71) recently returned from cold-weather trials in Iqaluit, Canada, where it was divulged to temperatures as low as -37°C during an overnight cold soak. The aircraft afterwards began high-altitude take-off and landing tests at La Paz airport in Bolivia.

Aerospace Unlimited is the leading distributer of aircraft parts from well-known manufacturers all around the globe. It is Aerospace Unlimited goal to provide all your aircraft parts needs wherever you are around the world. To make endless possibilities like the Airbus A350-1000.

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