Vietnam Airlines PurePower Geared Turbofan Engine Selection

Vietnam airlines, alongside Pratt & Whitney announced their final selection on an engine for their collaboration on the A321neo Aircraft. Together, they selected a PurePower geared turbofan engine, they will be ordering 20. The closed deal will be valued at 1.5 billion dollars.  Turbofan engines have high thrust and good fuel efficiency, making them the perfect choice for the A321neo aircraft. Turbofan engines work by capturing incoming air using the engine inlet. These engines are mostly used for high speed transports, such as major aircrafts. Choosing this engine will allow Vietnam airlines to deliver superior environmental and economically performance. This overall could bring down the cost of gas the airline uses, in turn bringing down the cost of ticket prices.

Vietnam airlines was officially established in 1956, with a total of five aircrafts.  In 1993 the airline was recognized as Vietnams official flag carrier, and gained a total of twenty aviation enterprises. In 2002 Vietnam airlines introduced its brand-new logo, the Golden lotus, symbolizing them in the world of aviation as a world-class airline. Since then, the airline has made an obvious advancement in the world of aviation. The airline now is a major competitor in the Asian airline market, owning modern fleets that include Boeing and Airbus. As of today, Vietnam airlines operates in 21 different cities and 28 international destinations throughout Asia. In 2010 Vietnam Airlines was invited to join the Skyteam, one of the world’s largest airline alliances. The airline has come a very long way since its birth, something a company like Pratt and Whitney really admires. Pratt and Whitney have been with Vietnam Airlines since the early nineties and are ecstatic to see where the future takes them together.

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