XTI Aircraft Company and Bye Aerospace Partnered to Develop Hybrid TriFan 600

XTI Aircraft company has switched to the hybrid-electric drive for its planned TriFan 600 ducted-fan, vertical take-off, and landing business aircraft. When companies make these changes, it is important information for us at ASAP Semi to be knowledgeable of the industries involved.

XTI has collaborated with Denver, Colorado-based company Bye Aerospace to advance the new system. This new system will make things faster and the software will run smooth. The TriFan 600’s Honeywell HTS900 twin-turboshaft engines, gearboxes, and driveshaft will be replaced with a turbine-driven generator, batteries, and motor. These battery upgrades allow the engine to run at its full potential always because it gives the right amps and takes a long time for it to die. XTI chief executive Robert LaBelle says the new advanced drive will reduce the weight and cost of manufacture the aircraft. “Our first prototype will be a full-size TriFan 600, instead of the 65% sub-scale version [that was originally planned],” adds La Belle, who replaced former chief Jeff Pino. These upgrades allow the engine to be at the top of all competition.

The program is being funded by XTI founder and managing director David Brody, crowdfunding stakeholders and private equity investors. Many problems that companies face when doing new projects is the lack of money because many things in this industry go wrong and it’s not cheap to fix. Illustrated as “having the speed, range and comfort of a business jet with the ability to take-off and land vertically, like a helicopter”. The TriFan 600 is a six-seat, aircraft with fly-by-wire controls, and two ducted wing-fans. Its wing-fans are constructed to tilt to achieve forward flight, with a projected cruise speed of 330kt (650km/h) and range of more than 1,500nm (2,780km).

At ASAP Semi, we are great at knowing about new projects that are being started because that’s how we get a great amount of orders. We like to know exactly what is going on when a customer calls, so customers know they can trust us because we are knowledgeable of the parts and projects going on. At Aerospace Unlimited we also provide a wide range of parts by helicopter or aircraft model
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