New Airplane Seating Configuration Under Review By United Airlines For Plane Expansion

United Airlines has been reviewing their next projects of adding a newer seat configuration to their fleet. Long overdue, United has put a halt to their newest additions due to a previous failure of the transformation of Boeing 737-700.

The Airline is still uncertain whether to commit to the addition of the new fleet per a statement made by United Airlines Senior Vice President Howard Attarian made addressed to employees,”There does seem to be an opportunity and fit for an aircraft with around 100 seats to fill that gap in our network, but on the other hand the problems with the complexity cost for a new fleet type is a big concern.”

With only two other seating configurations of seating on aircrafts, United has a 76 seat Embraer 175 aircraft and 118 seat Boeing 737-700.
Two US airlines already have included a near 100 seat configurations are American Airlines and Delta Air Lines.
American Airlines has 99 seaters that come in a Embraer 190 aircraft and Delta Airlines has 110 seaters that are placed in Boeing 717-200s.
Different divisions of United Airlines have different opinions on the addition of the fleet . United had been planning on adding the fleet until the arrival of the Newest President Mr. Scott Kirby putting a stop to the decision.   

United’s treasurer, Gerry Laderman has a different opinion as he states,” There is a natural need for a small mainline narrow body.”
To be able to change United’s plans and ungauged their strategy they will start carrying 737 MAX 10 aircrafts in their fleet over a progression of time ending in the year 2020. The integration of the 737 MAX 10 is planned to be able supersede the current 737-800s and the 900 models.

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