World Helicopter Day Anticipated Arrival At Newest Location

2017s World Helicopters Day (WHD) has finally arrived and is starring in a newest location. Hosted this year in the American Helicopter Museum and Education Center (AHMEC) becoming the latest addition to the Helicopter Day traditions. The World Helicopter Day will be held on August 20th typically held on the 3rd Sunday of every August.   This year’s WHD will start at 12pm and will continue till 4pm afternoon. The price of the entrance for the American Helicopter Museum and Education Center is $10 US for adults and $8 US for children.  The WHD Officials believe that the Museum is the prime location to host the event as it goes hand in hand with the message that they wish to portray.

This World helicopter day was initially created to teach and help people understand the importance that helicopters partake in society on a daily basis. Not only the importance of helicopters but, the diversity of the engineers that the helicopter industry has designing and supporting them.
Helicopters have begun to make land/ sea law enforcement, rescue, medical transportation, tourist and many more entities more efficient in what they do. Many of these types of personalle and industry helicopters will be present and ready for presentation during the WHD.
The event being held at the American Helicopter Museum and Education Center will be one of the many that will be participating worldwide along as other places such as Australia, Canada Europe, Hong Kong, and South Africa. This event is the perfect place to become more informed in aviation, helicopter industry, and becoming some one that works with them.
For a better notion onto what this event could do for you visit their website or search for #worldhelicopterday on your favorite social media.

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December 10, 2019

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