What is the Significance of Black Hawk's 1000th Delivery to the Army and How are They Celebrating it?

The army always looks for ways to be the best and to have the best materials to be able to make them great. And to keep up the high status they have always had. They always look for ways to accomplish their missions safely. And will do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals. Therefore, they have been teaming up with the defense contract management agency which makes the Black Hawk Helicopter pilots truly have the safest aircraft needed to accomplish their mission around the world.

The army have been using Black Hawk delivery for a long time. They recently celebrated their 1000th Black Hawk delivery. Army Maj. Robert Massey, a deputy program integrator for the UH-60M Black Hawk said

DCMA Sikorsky has been delegated a series of contract administration functions to ensure a quality, cost effective product is delivered on time to the Army” he also mentioned “Production and delivery of the 1,000th helicopter demonstrates not only the volume of work that DCMA Sikorsky has managed to the Army’s benefit, but the delivery of these helicopters has increased the Army’s aviation capabilities with a more powerful, capable and survivable airframe.”

The DCMA is a motivated, highly professional team. Their main mission is to provide the army with the best products in the world,  they are known got always being time with their shipments. they offer great quality which is why the army have been using their services for so long. “The Black Hawk is the most versatile airframe in the Army’s inventory,” said Tobin. “The UH in UH-60 stands for utility helicopter as the helicopter can perform under several mission profiles. Among its many capabilities, the Black Hawk is capable of performing air assaults, troop transport, internal load missions, external load missions, firefighting and medical evacuations.”  The Black Hawk remains to this day a multipurpose tool and asset to specific mission accomplishments to the army. It is one of the many reasons why the army has been so good at protecting their people and making sure they are safe as well.

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