What is Programa Plus and how does it promise fast and easy frame mounting?

Essve has just introduced the Programa Plus, a next generation frame screw that guarantees craftsmen and window installers easy, speedy installing with windows and door frames without the risk of splitting or splintering in joist or frame.

The frame screw was first introduced in the 1970’s by Essve and since then the company has held the industry edge within that particular segment and now Essve is hoping that the Programa Plus will help launch another 40 years of market share domination with the proprietary frame screw that promise even faster and simpler mounting of frames.

Mounting frames has always carried the risk that the frame or joist splits. Over-tightening the casing is always a big risk as well and applying too much force. With the Programa Plus mounting the frame becomes much easier and effective with less risk for splitting the wood. Developed at Essve’s R&D facilities in Kista, Stockholm, the Programa Plus has a fiber cut insert on the casing that makes the entry hole very clean and neat without splintering. More robust than traditional frame screws, the Programa Plus has a new design with a round casing that has grooves all around it. This minute detail effectively halves the risk of splitting the frame or over-tightening when inserting the casing which happens when the mounting gets crooked.

The Programa Plus guarantees that it will offer 61% more torque before over-tightening, 40% better exit force, and 42% stronger casing. Optimal for both refurbishment and new construct, the Programa Plus enables fast mounting with the added capability to re-adjust post-fitting. Available in 3 different lengths it works equally well with wall materials of all kind like stone, concrete, wood, Leca and lightweight concreate.

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