What Is The Significance Of Garmin G5, The Innovative Flying Instrument, Undergoing Easa Approval In Europe?

Newest flight technology has recently gone under stringent inspection to be approved by the EASA to be used in aircrafts all of the European region. Garmin International, Inc recently approved new international G5 electronic instrument that has been said to be used for future “fixed-wing general aviation” in European aircrafts . The EASA approval does not solitary come with just its own certification, but also includes another certification such as the supplemental type certification (STC).

In company of the certifications, the G5 electronic flight instrument has been placed on the comprehensive approved model list (AML) that also features a variety of different aircrafts. The AML is a list created by the FAA to advise material information to potential FAA customers, and other buyers. Professionals have said that the G5 can be used in lue of the “aircrafts primary attitude indicator or turn coordinator via a Garmin-held STC for the selected certified fixed-wing aircraft models.” A great distinction the G5 has to offer is its latest liquid crystal display(LCD) which is a change from the usual typical gyro-driven instruments. The G5 is sized to feature an 88mm LCD screen in every aircraft that will be equipped with it.

Per Vice President of Garmin International, Phil Straub

"We are grateful for EASA’s recent efforts and their dedication to implement simpler, scalable regulations that are economical and allow aircraft owners to more easily install modern flight instrumentation, which ultimately improves safety among many aircraft under 2,700kg throughout Europe."

Garmin is very pleased that they did obtain such rapid approval for their latest part to begin shipping and installing of the G5s. For the aircrafts that will be using an existing pitot/static system there will be an 76mm deep integration option available that will display “attitude, airspeed, altitude, vertical speed, slip/skid, turn rate, and configurable v-speed references.”

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