Top Must-Have Aircraft Accessories by A.E.R.O. Inc

There are many aircraft parts and accessories that are useful. The following accessories are some must-have aircraft accessories.

The GoPro is a great device that will allow for users to capture their experiences while flying in the air. It has many features such as slow motion, 4K30 resolutions, and can capture moments at thirty frames per second.

Sun visors are critical in order to protect yourself from the sun. Most aircrafts already have sun visors that are built in and are made out of fabric. Unfortunately, fabric will decay over time. In order to avoid having to replace the visor multiple time, it is a good idea in investing in a Rosen Sun Visor System, which will last a lifetime because they are made of plexiglass.

Possessing an iPad during flights will be useful as you may use applications during the flight. There are many different apps that can be helpful for pilots. In order to stay safe during the flight an iPad holder or other electronics accessories may be an important investment. The ability to have cellular connection while high up in the air is an amazing new feature of technology. The Iridium Go! Satellite Hotspot will allow for you to send text messages, talk on the phone, and also track your flight time.

Another greatly loved aircraft accessory is the kneeboard. It can be a useful item during a flight because it allows for a hard surface to write on or place your iPad on. Most basic kneeboards include storage areas to hold things like paper, chart pockets, and more. This is a proven accessory that is greatly used by pilots for convenience.

A portable charger, like the Mophie powerstation duo, is a great charger with amazing charging capabilities. It comes with a protective meta outer band, and even if it is dropped or falls on the round, it will remain in great working condition. This specific version comes with 2 USB ports, so users may charge multiple devices.

A good method of staying comfortable during a flight is a sheepskin aircraft seat cover. Although they may be a little expensive, they are worth the high price tag. These covers allow for pilots to stay cool during the hot Summers, and warm during the cold winters. A number of aircraft manufacturers have made these aircraft seat covers a standard.

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