Vietnam airlines, alongside Pratt & Whitney announced their final selection on an engine for their collaboration on the A321neo Aircraft. Together, they selected a PurePower geared turbofan engine, they will be ordering 20. The closed deal will be valued at 1.5 billion dollars.  Turbofan engines have high thrust and good fuel efficiency, making them the perfect choice for the A321neo aircraft. Turbofan engines work by capturing incoming air using the engine inlet. These engines are mostly used for high speed transports, such as major aircrafts. Choosing this engine will allow Vietnam airlines to deliver superior environmental and economically performance. This overall could bring down the cost of gas the airline uses, in turn bringing down the cost of ticket prices.

Vietnam airlines was officially established in 1956, with a total of five aircrafts.  In 1993 the airline was recognized as Vietnams official flag carrier, and gained a total of twenty aviation enterprises. In 2002 Vietnam airlines introduced its brand-new logo, the Golden lotus, symbolizing them in the world of aviation as a world-class airline. Since then, the airline has made an obvious advancement in the world of aviation. The airline now is a major competitor in the Asian airline market, owning modern fleets that include Boeing and Airbus. As of today, Vietnam airlines operates in 21 different cities and 28 international destinations throughout Asia. In 2010 Vietnam Airlines was invited to join the Skyteam, one of the world’s largest airline alliances. The airline has come a very long way since its birth, something a company like Pratt and Whitney really admires. Pratt and Whitney have been with Vietnam Airlines since the early nineties and are ecstatic to see where the future takes them together.

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United Airlines has been reviewing their next projects of adding a newer seat configuration to their fleet. Long overdue, United has put a halt to their newest additions due to a previous failure of the transformation of Boeing 737-700.

The Airline is still uncertain whether to commit to the addition of the new fleet per a statement made by United Airlines Senior Vice President Howard Attarian made addressed to employees,”There does seem to be an opportunity and fit for an aircraft with around 100 seats to fill that gap in our network, but on the other hand the problems with the complexity cost for a new fleet type is a big concern.”

With only two other seating configurations of seating on aircrafts, United has a 76 seat Embraer 175 aircraft and 118 seat Boeing 737-700.
Two US airlines already have included a near 100 seat configurations are American Airlines and Delta Air Lines.
American Airlines has 99 seaters that come in a Embraer 190 aircraft and Delta Airlines has 110 seaters that are placed in Boeing 717-200s.
Different divisions of United Airlines have different opinions on the addition of the fleet . United had been planning on adding the fleet until the arrival of the Newest President Mr. Scott Kirby putting a stop to the decision.   

United’s treasurer, Gerry Laderman has a different opinion as he states,” There is a natural need for a small mainline narrow body.”
To be able to change United’s plans and ungauged their strategy they will start carrying 737 MAX 10 aircrafts in their fleet over a progression of time ending in the year 2020. The integration of the 737 MAX 10 is planned to be able supersede the current 737-800s and the 900 models.

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2017s World Helicopters Day (WHD) has finally arrived and is starring in a newest location. Hosted this year in the American Helicopter Museum and Education Center (AHMEC) becoming the latest addition to the Helicopter Day traditions. The World Helicopter Day will be held on August 20th typically held on the 3rd Sunday of every August.   This year’s WHD will start at 12pm and will continue till 4pm afternoon. The price of the entrance for the American Helicopter Museum and Education Center is $10 US for adults and $8 US for children.  The WHD Officials believe that the Museum is the prime location to host the event as it goes hand in hand with the message that they wish to portray.

This World helicopter day was initially created to teach and help people understand the importance that helicopters partake in society on a daily basis. Not only the importance of helicopters but, the diversity of the engineers that the helicopter industry has designing and supporting them.
Helicopters have begun to make land/ sea law enforcement, rescue, medical transportation, tourist and many more entities more efficient in what they do. Many of these types of personalle and industry helicopters will be present and ready for presentation during the WHD.
The event being held at the American Helicopter Museum and Education Center will be one of the many that will be participating worldwide along as other places such as Australia, Canada Europe, Hong Kong, and South Africa. This event is the perfect place to become more informed in aviation, helicopter industry, and becoming some one that works with them.
For a better notion onto what this event could do for you visit their website or search for #worldhelicopterday on your favorite social media.

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One of the main factor that cause for helicopters to be loud and shake is due to the rotor piece. The rotor piece is the piece allows for the proper functioning propellers. Airbus Germany has been able to capitalize on their idea of enhanced rotors to be albe to reduce the noise of the rotor along with the turbulence feeling upon launching. The companies that are involved with the innovations are German Aerospace Centre (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR with the help of Airbus Helicopters Deutschland. Both companies have joined forces to build a simulation with a 5-winged prototype in a handmade wind tunnel. This tunnel was their tool to be able to measure the difference from regular rotors to their newly enhanced creation. The Tunnel technology is known as SKAT (Scalability and risk minimization of technology).

Their solution for their enhanced wing performance they have developed the “fixed wing.” This wing will allow for the entire aircraft to be able to take off vertically and stay in a stationary position. The Active rotor will enhance many aspects on enhancing its ability to increase the ,” source of the lifting force and propulsion on the helicopter, also creates a series of aeroelastic and aeroacoustic problems such as high levels of vibration and the generation of a great deal of noise. While vibrations generally have a negative impact on passenger comfort and the durability of components, the rotor noise plays a particularly key role in landing approaches over populated areas.

During simualtions in the tunnel the noise with the fixed wing reduced the noise by 3 decibels. The top speed the helicopter was able to hit was 270 kilometers ( 167.8 ).
This latest innovation is the beginning of great things to come for both companies and their journey to create silent aircrafts. 

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Cirrus Aircraft has announced that they have chosen Lufthansa Aviation Training for Airline Pilot Training Program. The flight training program operated by Lufthansa Airlines selected the technologically-advanced SR20 for its primary training fleet.25 aircrafts has been ordered by Lufthansa Aviation Training to lead its ab-initio, MPL and other flight training programs in Goodyear, Arizona.The SR20 aircraft will be used to train pilots from many of the world’s premier airlines, including Lufthansa Airlines, Swiss Air, Austrian Airlines, Eurowings, All Nippon Airways (ANA), KLM as well as the German Air Force. The association with Lufthansa Aviation Training marks another milestone where Cirrus Aircraft has been chosen by a foremost global pilot training program to prepare students to fly tomorrow’s commercial airliners.Todd Simmons, President, Customer Experience at Cirrus Aircraft stated, “Cirrus Aircraft congratulates Lufthansa Aviation Training and is proud to be its partner in producing world-class airline pilots for years to come.

Those benefits are amplified in the airline pilot training environment as the Cirrus SR series solution offers competitive advantages of advanced navigation and safety systems similar to the systems these new pilots will use in the airlines’ larger aircraft.”
The fleet are designed to be the industry-leading training platform that’s also easy to fly. The technologically-advanced Cirrus SR series comes with an impressive list of features and capabilities. The unified Cirrus Perspective by Garmin flight deck includes two large flight displays, a Flight Management System (FMS) keypad controller, an Electronic Stability and Protection system, also an integrated engine indication and crew alerting/warning systems. All the features found on today’s advanced airliners.

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XTI Aircraft company has switched to the hybrid-electric drive for its planned TriFan 600 ducted-fan, vertical take-off, and landing business aircraft. When companies make these changes, it is important information for us at ASAP Semi to be knowledgeable of the industries involved.

XTI has collaborated with Denver, Colorado-based company Bye Aerospace to advance the new system. This new system will make things faster and the software will run smooth. The TriFan 600’s Honeywell HTS900 twin-turboshaft engines, gearboxes, and driveshaft will be replaced with a turbine-driven generator, batteries, and motor. These battery upgrades allow the engine to run at its full potential always because it gives the right amps and takes a long time for it to die. XTI chief executive Robert LaBelle says the new advanced drive will reduce the weight and cost of manufacture the aircraft. “Our first prototype will be a full-size TriFan 600, instead of the 65% sub-scale version [that was originally planned],” adds La Belle, who replaced former chief Jeff Pino. These upgrades allow the engine to be at the top of all competition.

The program is being funded by XTI founder and managing director David Brody, crowdfunding stakeholders and private equity investors. Many problems that companies face when doing new projects is the lack of money because many things in this industry go wrong and it’s not cheap to fix. Illustrated as “having the speed, range and comfort of a business jet with the ability to take-off and land vertically, like a helicopter”. The TriFan 600 is a six-seat, aircraft with fly-by-wire controls, and two ducted wing-fans. Its wing-fans are constructed to tilt to achieve forward flight, with a projected cruise speed of 330kt (650km/h) and range of more than 1,500nm (2,780km).

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Satellite communications provider Global-IP Cayman has contracted Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) to launch its GiSAT-1 communication satellite. The first satellite by Global-IP Cayman, GiSAT-1 is an upgrade satellite (HTS) with quantity of 150Gbps and a mission life of 15 years. The HTS, which is currently being built by American multinational corporation Boeing company, is scheduled to launched late next year aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. launched into its trajectory for geostationary orbit off the west coast of Africa. Once the satellite is launched it is anticipated to broaden cost-effective internet services such as digital broadcast, media and other communications services across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Appointed with a new digital payload, GiSAT-1 will be designed to cover 35 countries and 750 million people. Global-IP Cayman co-founder Emil Youssefzadeh responded, “Our agreement with SpaceX marks the completion of another major milestone towards getting our innovative service platform operational to serve a growing market with lagging Internet penetration.” The company presently has operations in California, US, and Dubai, UAE. Last month, SpaceX launched the SES-10 satellite into space aboard its flight-proven Falcon 9 rocket. The satellite is equipped with Ku-band payload of 55 36MHz transponder equivalents, of which 27 are incremental. It is owned by satellite operator SES. The SES-10 will provide an enterprise, direct-to-home broadcasting, and mobility services to Latin America.

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Harris has been awarded a grant from the University to join in the development of new unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Harris corp. aircraft products have a history in manned aircraft traffic management and those principals will now be applied to unmanned systems. This grant trails a similar research program where Harris and the University of North Dakota were developing UAS detect-and-avoid technology. It seems that the previous grant was a success since the team is continuing to work together and advancing to the next logical step.

According to Harris and the University of North Dakota, the unmanned aircraft systems could be very important resource saving technology in commercial industries such as power, railroad, and farms. Potential users are already taking interest and volunteering for test scenarios. Finding a downed powerline can be a very costly when there are miles of cable in unobserved areas. The idea of deploying a drone to find the downed power line seems like a great one, and it is, but there are huge hurdles when it comes to deploying an unmanned aircraft, especially when it is beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS).

The most basic drones are considered VLOS or visual line of sight. This means they never leave sight of the operator. They are limited to 300m vertically and 500m horizontally. Next comes extended visual line of sight (EVLOS) drones. These must be controlled by advanced flight crew and operations must be approved by CASA. These are only limited by remote observation and can theoretically be unrestricted in distance with enough observers. Lastly comes the BVLOS drones which is where Harris and the University of North Dakota are focusing. BVLOS drones require detect and avoid technology to sense other aircraft and immediately move away. These have the most utility capabilities but are the hardest to develop. The University and Harris are working hard to bring UAS detect-and-avoid technology to the commercial market.

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The Polish government has placed a very significant order with Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. for two business jet aircrafts.  The Polish intent to use these new bound aircrafts for extremely high class duties and “VIP transport missions. The proposed aircrafts for the government are a pair of G550 aircrafts that are manufactured with a large cabin and adequately seat for long range expeditions.  The G550 also known as GV-SP has been in the market since the year 2004 when it was introduced. Most of the G550 series aircrafts have been equipped with the Honeywell Advanced Flight Deck Display that is put into place for the flight crew.  A huge adjustment from the G500 series which include an enhancement on with a more of an aerodynamical shape and a upgraded engine.

The project has been spilt in to different waves due to the immense caliber of work that needs to be done to complete the aircrafts. The commencing stage for the G550 aircrafts ended at the Gulfstream facility on January 5th. Quickly after the completion of the first stage of the production the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) granted Gulfstream a fully certified type certificate that proves them to full fil the “technical standards for business aviation.” Said to be delivered to the Polish in the year 2017 and will automatically be sent to the countries air force. The countries air force has been in need of a VIP transporter.

 The hunt to replace the Tupolev Tu-154 transport aircraft has come to an end as they finalize the transaction with Gulfstream since the crash of 2010. The devastating crash sadly killed many including their president at the time, Lech Kaczynski. The country experienced such a tragic episode and wishes to redeem themselves with the purchase of these new innovative aircrafts.
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Privately owned Chinese carrier Juneyao Airlines has just announced today that they have finalized an order for five 787-9 Dreamliners with Boeing world's largest aerospace company worth an estimated $1.32 billion dollar at the current list prices. This marks the first order for Boeing from Juneyao and includes an option for five additional 787-9 Dreamliners should the carrier choose to exercise it. Chairman of Juneyao Airlines, Wang Junjin believes that today’s order is the first step in developing their carrier and continuing the excellent relationship with Boeing. Found in 2005 with operations starting 2006, Juneyao Airlines currently operates both domestic and short-haul international flights.

One of China’s largest private carriers, Juneyao offers routes to neighboring countries such as Thailand, Japan and South Korea with plans on the docks to open up new routes to Europe, Australia and North America by 2020. Rick Anderson, Vice president of Sales for Northeast Asia, Boeing Commercial Airplanes emphatically stated that this order is an undeniable endorsement of Juneyao’s supreme confidence in Boeing by making it their first choice to start widebody operations. The 787-9 Dreamliners are expected to keep the carrier competitive in these challenging times. With unmatched fuel efficiency and increased capacity, the 878-9 Dreamliner will provide unprecedented value to all of its customer allowing them to remain competitive.  

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As we all know the new president of the United States is a very successful business man and has generated a lot of money and built an empire in his career. When President Trump was elected for president he was looking at important aspects of American economy, and a very important part of American expenses goes to the Military, Navy and Air Force. Having said that; billions of dollars are being spent annually to ensure that the American army can stay a super power and is ready for anything. The most recent negotiation deal was between the American government and Lockheed Martin where the US Department of Defense is ordering 90 Jets, F-35 Fighter Jets, for approximately $8.5 billion which brings the price of each aircraft down to $95 million from the previous $102 million thanks to president Trump where he is working on finding more cost effective strategies in order to save money for the American economy.

 The way the president sees it is that bringing the cost down is  great way to keep the American defense system strong and at the same time save lots of money in the process. In the end of the day this money belongs to the American people and can be used in various avenues that will benefit the entire country. Aircraft parts can be built at cheaper prices if Lockheed Martin can be smart about their costs. Lockheed Martin is the primary contractor but they are working with several different manufacturers in order to bring down the cost.

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MH-139 helicopter is in competition to replace the U.S. Air Force’s UH-1N “Huey” fleet, according to Boeing revealing statement. In this industry of aerospace, upgrades and replacements happen daily. This is beneficial for us at ASAP Semi because it allows to be ahead of the game and stock up on new releases.  The UH-1N helicopter is responsible for protecting intercontinental ballistic missiles and transports U.S. government and security forces. At the Air Force Association Air Warfare Symposium, Boeing’s responded to the Air Force, stating that the Northeast Philadelphia-built aircraft was built to meet the U.S. Air Force requirements. Boeing also mentioned within their response that the aircraft offers more than $1 billion in assets and a lifespan expense savings compared to the competitor aircraft. Boeings response is based on the market-leading Leonardo Helicopters AW139, a modern, non-developmental, multi-mission helicopter. Boeing is a leader in the industry with many airplanes and connections to parts. Here at ASAP Semi we have a great relationship with Boeing because we do lots of business together, which allows us to get discounted pricing and inside scoop on upcoming events.

The U.S. Air Force UH-1N Replacement Program plots to replace the current Huey fleet, which entered service in the 1970s. The replacement plot has up to 84 new helicopters. Approximately 900 AW139s are in service with more than 250 governments, militaries and companies across the world. More than 250 of the helicopters have been assembled and delivered from Philadelphia.

When replacements come out and a certain customer is changing what they fly or begin to produce many aircrafts for a project, we try to find this information out before the project. This information can help us predict what parts will be needed, so that we can stock up on them and give them the best pricing possible.  Also, another thing that is important to these customers is deadlines, so here at ASAP Semi we try to focus on always being on time. So if you are even going to begin a new project or make some upgrades, let ASAP Semi know so we can get you the best service out there.

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Airbus leading aircraft manufacturer has been conducting low-speed take-off tests with one of the Airbus A350-1000 evolutionary aircraft as it heads towards certification later this year. The first of three Airbus A350-1000 test aircraft (MSN59) has a tail bumper installed, enabling its rear fuselage to be dragged along the runway in trials to establish VMU minimum unstick speeds.

The tests took place in early March at Istres in southern France, to help verify slat and flap settings and performance criteria. They are working towards certification of the Airbus A350-1000 this year, to clear the way for deliveries of the stretched A350 cognate to begin in the second half of 2017, with Qatar Airways as the first beneficiary. The flight-test trials involve a trio of Rolls-Royce Trent XWB-97 powered A350-1000s.The third test aircraft (MSN71) recently returned from cold-weather trials in Iqaluit, Canada, where it was divulged to temperatures as low as -37°C during an overnight cold soak. The aircraft afterwards began high-altitude take-off and landing tests at La Paz airport in Bolivia.

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Gilat has just announced that they will be unveiling a new Electronically Steerable Antenna through a joint development project with Airbus as part of the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 program. This fully embedded airborne antenna technology by Gilat will be on full display during an inflight demonstration on a C295 aircraft in support of the Clean Sky 2 (CS2) objective which was intended to push for a more efficient and eco-friendly transport. Due to their phased array antenna (PAA) expertise, Gilat was selected to develop a Ka band ESA inflight connectivity (IFC) terminal with the embedded antenna ray in the wing structure of the airframe which includes the radiating elements and amplification.

Airbus who is partnering with Gilat for the development of the airborne terminal which includes designing, prototyping, manufacturing, and testing both on the ground and in-flight level. Gilat believes the phased array technology will allow for high integration and embedding of the antenna into airframe structures and has scheduled for in-flight validation tests plans to be carried out in Seville, Spain. Gilat is replacing the original panels with new composite structures which will add IFC capabilities without interfering with the aircraft performance and maneuverability by reducing fuel consumption and avoiding aerodynamic drag. This will also eliminate any protruding components and will contribute to the reduction of COC2 emissions which was one of the primary objective of the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 program.

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STS Aviation, the U.S. based maintenance provider has just announced their Repair and Modification Division has been launched and the service unit is operational effective immediately. Operating under STS Repair and Modification, the new division will use existing STS technicians and engineers as part of their new venture which is a strategic partnership between Cannon Aviation and Florida-headquartered STS.

STS Repair and Modification will deliver cost-effective avionics repair and modification solutions as well as offering structural aircraft repair and modification services to their customers. Vice President of operations for STS Repair and Modification, Sonny Cannon has revealed that the newly formed unit will be able to execute custom avionics repair and modification programs like Wi-Fi modification, flight data recorders and satellite communication systems along with providing interior and exterior structural modifications in these areas.

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The US Navy has shown a revived interest in upgrading the Super Hornet engine that is used to power Boeing F/A-18E/F, EA-18G along with two other foreign fighters. Earlier last month the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) reached out to GE Aviation asking for a proposal contract for the company’s engineers in order to perform studies on an “F414-GE-400 core enhancement evaluation”.

GE revealed in a statement to FlightGlobal that NAVAIR expressed interest in GE evaluating the latest engine technologies that could be applied to the F414 Enhanced Engine. This is a revival of the efforts put forth by GE and NAVAIR years ago as part of a proposal by Boeing’s Super Hornet bid for India’s fighter competition in which NAVAIR Ltd. paid GE to test the durability and thrust upgrades in laboratory rigs.

GE also evaluated the F414 Enhanced Engine under the expectation that funding for a development program would manifest in the next two years however the follow-on contract never did materialized. With “core enhancement” a central theme in the newest NAVAIR study, evidence suggests that the three modules in the core of the engine are the main focus of the Navy which includes the combustor, high-pressure turbine and high-pressure compressor. NAVAIR’s renewed interest in upgrading the Super Hornet comes on the heels of a remarkable turn-around for the Boeing production line and the program appears to be winding down after completing delivers to the USN.

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Newest flight technology has recently gone under stringent inspection to be approved by the EASA to be used in aircrafts all of the European region. Garmin International, Inc recently approved new international G5 electronic instrument that has been said to be used for future “fixed-wing general aviation” in European aircrafts . The EASA approval does not solitary come with just its own certification, but also includes another certification such as the supplemental type certification (STC).

In company of the certifications, the G5 electronic flight instrument has been placed on the comprehensive approved model list (AML) that also features a variety of different aircrafts. The AML is a list created by the FAA to advise material information to potential FAA customers, and other buyers. Professionals have said that the G5 can be used in lue of the “aircrafts primary attitude indicator or turn coordinator via a Garmin-held STC for the selected certified fixed-wing aircraft models.” A great distinction the G5 has to offer is its latest liquid crystal display(LCD) which is a change from the usual typical gyro-driven instruments. The G5 is sized to feature an 88mm LCD screen in every aircraft that will be equipped with it.

Per Vice President of Garmin International, Phil Straub

"We are grateful for EASA’s recent efforts and their dedication to implement simpler, scalable regulations that are economical and allow aircraft owners to more easily install modern flight instrumentation, which ultimately improves safety among many aircraft under 2,700kg throughout Europe."

Garmin is very pleased that they did obtain such rapid approval for their latest part to begin shipping and installing of the G5s. For the aircrafts that will be using an existing pitot/static system there will be an 76mm deep integration option available that will display “attitude, airspeed, altitude, vertical speed, slip/skid, turn rate, and configurable v-speed references.”

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On January 22 2017, there was an article written by Kate Sarsfield for Flight International talking about how Bliss Jett, a startup business jet operator, is planning to launch second quarter of 2017 instead of in January (as its original plan) in order to fix loose ends.

It was January 8th specifically when Bliss Jets was supposed to begin its service. Here is what David Rimmer, the Bliss Jet founder and chief executive said about the deadline he set.

“We set ourselves an overly ambitious deadline, which wasn’t necessary. Nearly everything is in place, including the aircraft and the service delivery. However, following market feedback we have decided to introduce some changes to the service, so we get it absolutely right before we begin.”

Bliss Jet is considered a first class and business class airline who are looking for an alternative upmarket for transatlantic flights. Bills Jets is also targeting customers who are looking for lower cost alternatives who are interested in business aircrafts as opposed to paying for whole aircraft charters.

In the upcoming few years, Bliss Jets plans to operate its own fleet.

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Arriving as usual in Japan on January 18th, as per the usual for the US Marine Corps F-35B fighters who make their inaugural trip to Air Station, Iwakuni. The Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 121 operated the Lockheed Martin stealth fighter on its first operational overseas deployment.

The squadron was stationed in MCAS Yuma, Arizona with the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing before arriving in Japan. After initially declaring operational capability back in July of 2015, the USMC then converted the Boeing F/A-18D squadron to F-35Bs with a total of 16 F-35Bs expected to arrive year in Iwakuni according to a Marine spokesman who spoke with FlightGlobal.

Designed to replace the Marine Corps’ AV-8B Harrier, F/A-18 Hornet and EA-6B Prowler, this short take-off vertical landing variant means change is coming. With this deployment the F-35B has officially become the first US stealth aircraft to be based west of Hawaii and Alaska in the Pacific theater permanently. Lockheed F-22s and Northrop Grumman B-2s however are still only on a temporary basis deployment by the US Air Force. The USMC unit will not be alone for long as new F-35As will also be deployed to foreign air forces in Australia, Japan, and South Korean in the next few years.

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Boeing 777 is very popular in the industry. It one of the popular long range wide body twin engine jet airliners. It is the largest twinjet in the world and it can seat up to 396 passengers. It has a big mileage and up to 8,555 nautical miles. It is made to replace other older versions like the 767 and 747. What is special about it is that it is the first commercial aircraft to be designed entirely with computer aided designs. Recently there has been an announcement that the production of 777 is going to be reduced starting August 2017. Even though Boeing 777- is one of the greatest. It has been mentioned that the production of it will be reduced twice in 2017.

The cuts are going to be done and instead of producing 7 per month 5 will be produced. This is shocking and reasons for this cut is unknown. Elizabeth Lund a Boeing vice president and general manager of the 777-program mentioned that "While the exact number of affected positions has not been determined, we will do our best to lessen the impact," they are aware that this cut is going to cause many problems for employees and many will lose their jobs but Lund added that they cannot control it. She mentioned despite tireless work by the sales team, orders have slowed. This is due in part to several ongoing twin-aisle campaigns that haven’t concluded in time to keep the rate steady. Therefore, we must adjust accordingly to ensure we are running a healthy business and the production line remains stable." These are things that they have no control over. Also, she expects sale to drop even lower especially after Trump becomes actually takes office and starts cancelling orders due to his bad international relationships especially with Iran. This will cause even more budget cuts.

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