What is the latest update on Lockheed Martin's sale of F-35 fighter jets to the US Department of Defense?

As we all know the new president of the United States is a very successful business man and has generated a lot of money and built an empire in his career. When President Trump was elected for president he was looking at important aspects of American economy, and a very important part of American expenses goes to the Military, Navy and Air Force. Having said that; billions of dollars are being spent annually to ensure that the American army can stay a super power and is ready for anything. The most recent negotiation deal was between the American government and Lockheed Martin where the US Department of Defense is ordering 90 Jets, F-35 Fighter Jets, for approximately $8.5 billion which brings the price of each aircraft down to $95 million from the previous $102 million thanks to president Trump where he is working on finding more cost effective strategies in order to save money for the American economy.

 The way the president sees it is that bringing the cost down is  great way to keep the American defense system strong and at the same time save lots of money in the process. In the end of the day this money belongs to the American people and can be used in various avenues that will benefit the entire country. Aircraft parts can be built at cheaper prices if Lockheed Martin can be smart about their costs. Lockheed Martin is the primary contractor but they are working with several different manufacturers in order to bring down the cost.

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