What is The New HARTING's Han-Modular Switch US4?

As part of Harting strategy they are planning to run the new US4 switch as part of their Industry portfolio. Like any other technological advances the new switch is going to save more space and create more room for wiring and distribute network better and above all create a better experience for the Industry 4.0 modernisation programmes. Especially that Harting Technology is a leader in the Industry 4.0 and allows their technology to be adaptable to modern industrial processes and automations. The product market specialist, Howard Forryan mentioned how one of the most important principles that Industry 4.0 follow is the Smart Factory principle and it allows the industry to focus on the most important aspects such as interoperability and flexibility, cell modularisation, miniaturisation and increased decentralisation. Above all is the value of physical space and how much those new and clever connector aids in creating more space by allowing several components and connections to all meet at one point and connect.

Harting has added a very useful and functioning 4-port Ethernet active switch, this allows network devices to be closer to the field than before and allow the addition of Ethernet modules without the need to restore any. In conclusion, manufacturing facilities and OEMs became much easier in terms of networking, typical cabinet control system, distributing cables for interlinked production cells. The new Han-Modular Switch US4 makes it easier for these conditions to work, it also allows transmission speeds of 1000 Mbit/s. They even have integrated LEDs that will indicate when connection has been established or if data is being transferred. HARTINS has done it again in bringing an innovative product to keep the enhance Industry 4.0.

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