How to Choose Between Hose Clamps?

Modern commercial aircraft often consist of a plethora of parts that come together to create their assemblies; models like the Boeing 747 consist of around six million components alone. Each of these parts will play a specific role that benefits the vehicle as a whole, making even the most minute items important. One such part type is the hose clamp, those of which are used to secure hoses that transport oil, coolant, fuel, and other such fluids. During standard operations, hoses can become pressurized, potentially expanding as a result of heat or other such forces. To ensure the safety of assemblies and the prevention of leaks, it is important that the right types of hose clamps are chosen. As such, we will discuss the main factors that one should consider when making a purchasing decision, ensuring that you make an optimal investment.

One of the first and most basic questions that you should ask yourself is what size of hose clamp is best for your needs. Generally, the difference in size will often come down to the wideness of the clamp’s diameter, and the choice will be dependent on the size of the hose that you are working with. If a hose clamp is too small for a hose, it may either not be able to secure it, or will even risk the chance of damaging the hose with risk of leaks. On the other hand, too big of a clamp can result in a failure to seal the hose.

Alongside size, the specific type of hose clamp that you procure is also important. While all are designed to seal hoses and secure them to a mating surface, the method in which they do so will vary based on the type one uses. For example, spring hose clamps squeeze hoses using spring steel, while screw hose clamps utilize a stainless steel band with a screw to implement security. When shopping around, it is crucial that you determine what type of securing or sealing method is best for the application in question.

Regardless of type, the amount of strength that the hose clamp can provide is also essential to think over. Generally, the hose clamp must be strong enough to withstand any pressures that they are exposed to. This will often source from the hose itself, as any internal liquids that heat up will cause a rise in pressurization. If the hose clamp is tight around the hose, the clamp will be faced with the pressure from the liquids.

The bracket that the clamp offers is also essential to how well everything will be secured and sealed. The bracket will come in the form of a supporting piece on that clamp which holds it in place, and a majority of clamps will utilize a bracket that squeezes the hose. If there was no bracket, the clamp would shift from its resting place, eventually leading to the risk of leakage. As such, the bracket secures the clamp to its mating surface to prevent any hazards or issues.

As a final consideration, one should consider how much environmental protection is necessary. Generally, the biggest stressors that clamps and hoses will face is heat and humidity, both of which can lead to premature failure if proper protection is not implemented. Because of this, keeping environmental protection needs in mind is beneficial when shopping around.

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