Considerations for Choosing Hose Clamps

Hose clamps function as a fastening device for hoses of various sizes. Whether the application calls for affixation to an engine block or a simple housing, hose clamps can be used to prevent leaking and disconnection. Since these devices can be manufactured to fit the needs of virtually any industry, it is no surprise that hose clamps are among the most popular fasteners on the market. Despite their widespread use, it is easy to make mistakes when purchasing a hose clamp for the first time. Installing the wrong fastening element leads to downtime and higher costs which is why it is critical to choose the correct item from the start. In this blog, we will talk about the several considerations one should have in mind when purchasing a hose clamp for their operations.

The first thing to determine when looking to purchase a hose clamp is the design that best fits the intended application. Screw clamps are among the oldest of the configurations and have shown significant longevity in the aerospace and plumbing industries. Meanwhile, spring clamps are beneficial for hard-to-access areas, such as engine blocks or cooling systems. They are chosen for this purpose because, unlike other variants, spring clamps require no tools for installation. Finally, ear clamps deliver targeted hose compression and tamper resistance, but they are permanent once installed.

Another quality to assess when choosing a hose clamp is the size requirement. Most industrial clamps on the market conform to the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) standards and are listed under the organization's sizing chart. For the standard series, the minimum diameter is 3/8 inches or roughly 9.5mm, and the largest is 7/16 inches or 11.13mm. If customers require a smaller diameter, they may also consider the miniature series which ranges from 7/32 to 1 3/4in. Regardless of the size, it is critical to ensure delivery of the compatible installation device, if applicable.

Arguably the most important physical characteristic of a hose clamp is its strength and ability to withstand changes in pressure. To achieve maximum strength in any condition, the clamp should be tightly bound to the target and the pressure from the device should be evenly distributed throughout the hose and barb. When purchasing a hose clamp, the best way to make an informed decision is to calculate the maximum pressure that may be exerted by the connected hose. That condition can only be calculated by predicting the highest temperature the media inside the hose may experience under operating conditions.

Like all industrial components, an evaluation should be made about the operating environment to which the clamp will be exposed. Since certain materials fare better than others in unique conditions, it is necessary to determine which stressors will apply to the assembly. For example, those applications relating to aerospace and marine operations should ensure that the potential clamp is corrosion-resistant and compatible with other metals onboard. Further, if the fastener is intended for use within an engine block or other high-temperature location, the user should check the maximum operating temperature for the device in question.

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