What Is an Engine Mount?

Engine Mount are probably one of the most important parts in a vehicle or industrial machinery and can be found in airplanes, cars, trains, boats, buses, and any other equipment that necessitates a motor or engine. They are tasked with keeping engines in place, allowing any moving machine to optimally function. For example, when putting fragile components into a box and shaking the box around, the items inside will inevitably become damaged. However, if the components inside are secured with a mount, they will remain intact.

Typically made of rubber, good-quality engine mounts can reduce excess vibration, mitigate noise, and prevent engines from facing damage, which in turn extends the engine’s service life. More than that, rubber is resistant to ozone, water, oil, and other damaging elements, allowing mounts to properly perform even under tough conditions. Rubber is also available at a lower price point than other materials, making it a cost-effective choice.

Engine mounts are available in a variety of configurations depending on the application in question. As a result, most engine mounts are made to be compact, allowing them to fit in small spaces and environments. They are equipped with a molded rubber bushing or mount, which serves to dampen vibration. This is the area where the engine is normally attached. Additionally, there is a bolt that threads through the length of the motor mount, securing the entire assembly.

With countless engine mount designs, some of which are made with hydraulic fluid on the inside to offer more damping and flexibility, one of the biggest factors to consider is load capabilities. In most cases, engine mount shape, size, and material is determined by the load that will be applied to the mount and how much energy the mount is responsible for absorbing. It is also important to note that engine mount design depends on the application at hand.

The four most common types of engine mounts include single piece isolators, hydraulic engine mounts, two-piece mounts, and base plates for flange mounts.

Single Piece Isolators

Single piece isolators can be used as either the front or rear mounts of an engine set. These engine mounts are ideal for stationary applications since there is only an elastomer on the top section of the mount.

Hydraulic Engine Mounts

Hydraulic engine mounts have enhanced noise and vibration-resistant properties. The fluid inside the assembly is delivered via the internal orifices to offer a controlled spring rate. They are typically found in four-cylinder vehicles such as large trucks and buses.

Two-Piece Mounts

These mounts are feasible options for applications that have high rebound load cases like off road equipment.

Base Plates for Flange Mounts

For ease of installation, base plates for flange mounts are a great choice. The base flange makes it easy to attach the mount to other structures with the use of a bolt.  


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